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During the pandemic and especially through the weeks of the lockdown, LEEDO stepped up and increased their support for the most vulnerable people in Dhaka. Not only did LEEDO rescue 225 children from the streets of Dhaka, but they also supported the most vulnerable with various initiatives. The children from the Peace Home also went out to the streets with our social workers and helped to distribute food. Here are some stories, initiatives and numbers about how LEEDO supported street-connected children during the pandemic.
We have to keep in mind that without going to work on a daily basis many people in Bangladesh struggle to put food on the table due to the lack of income and savings. Families had to skip meals and reduce the amount of food they consumed; many kids often went hungry.
LEEDO helped with an array of support initiatives:

• Cash Support
• Health & Hygiene Support
• Medical Support
• Clothes & Blanket Distribution
• Food Distribution
• Pure Drinking Water

Cash Support: We have distributed cash to some of the most vulnerable street families in Dhaka so they were able buy food and feed their kids. We supported 35 families and each family received BDT1000/-.


Health & Hygiene Support: We have distributed almost 1000 face masks, soap, and hand sanitizer to the vulnerable children. We also have provided awareness sessions and advised children how to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Spreading the information was crucial as a lot of the children did not even know about the pandemic and we not aware which safety measures should be taken.
Medical Support: We have provided medical support for about 250 vulnerable children.


Cloths & Blanket Distribution: We have provided clothes to 600 children and blankets to 150 children during the winter season.
Packed Food Distribution: Our children of Peace Home along with our social workers distributed dry foods among 150 street families in 4 different affected places in Dhaka city. Each person received rice (10 kg), lentils (1 kg), oil (1 liter), potatoes (5 kg), onions (1 kg), salt (1 kg), semai (1 packet) and sugar (1 kg).


Cooked Food Distribution: We have distributed cooked food among 1500 vulnerable street children and women. The items were plain rice, vegetable, chicken and salad.


Pure Drinking Water: We have provided pure drinking water among 1500 vulnerable street children and women.

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