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What are three foreigners doing at some of the most dangerous areas of Dhaka? And why are they sleeping in our office? Domenic, Jojo and Tom have been staying with LEEDO for 6 weeks volunteering to improve LEEDO’s online presence.

Online Fundraising is becoming more and more important for non-profit organisations worldwide. Large organizations are addressing the development towards digital payment and aim for a close donor relationship. This is what the three students from Germany have come to help LEEDO with. Creating a new website, taking photos and producing videos has been their focus during their 6 weeks visit. This will be the foundations for LEEDO’s new online presence.

Raising awareness for LEEDO’s work

The internet offers many new ways of reaching out to a large crowd in countries thousands of miles away. Creating more awareness for the work LEEDO does is the first step. Facebook has become an important platform for companies to represent themselves online. In a similar way, we want to use Facebook to show the world how we are changing the lives of street children every day.

The website as foundation

Anything you want to know, you can find out online. Even the smallest businesses have a website informing their customers about their products. LEEDO has not got any products to sell but supporters to inform about the work we do. Our website has become a makeover with new pictures, texts and can be visited from any device.

Our regular Newsletter

You might have already had the newsletter in your inbox. Maybe this led you to reading this blog post. Our new newsletter will be a further way we want to keep the friends and family of LEEDO informed about our events and activities. Every second month our newsletter will give you an overview on what is happening here at LEEDO.

Keeping you informed

So why have we decided to improve our communication with you? We now understand that it is you who makes sure children can be saved from the streets. Your donation changes the lives of the most vulnerable children. We want you to know how your support is transforming the lives of these talented children. We want you to hear the stories of the children and share them with your friends and loved ones. We want more people to hear the stories of our children to raise awareness for the most vulnerable children.

If you would like to read more about Dome, Tom and Johannes you can visit their Website or Facebook page!

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