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School under the Sky

LEEDO runs informal Schools Under the Sky using ‘Human Values’ and ‘Living Values’ programs in areas where street children are concentrated. This includes train and bus stations, market areas and launch terminals.  This approach to schooling is designed to educate street children, enabling them to read and write as well as to receive essential life-skills training.  These schools offer a safe place, where children can socialize, network with each other and learn from each other’s experiences.  This is also a platform for informal group therapy, where youths can pick up information, grasp opportunities and develop life skills through hearing firsthand about the experiences of other children and how they learnt to be resilient.  We now have two schools at Rayer Bazar and Sadarghat Terminal.  We have 150 children who regularly attend our Schools Under the Sky with another hundred whose attendance is irregular.  This strategy enables us to send many children on to formal schooling.

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