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Due to the pandemic, the schools are still closed in Bangladesh. The months of the school lockdown have been a very challenging time. All the kids were at the Peace Home all day every day. Almost all of them missed going to school very much. They missed studying for their favorite classes and meeting with their friends. It was also a challenge for our staff at the Peace Home to motivate the children to study, follow a daily routine despite not going to school, and keep the whole group in a good mood. 



The children and our team kept themselves busy and happy by studying daily at the Peace Home and they did their best to follow the curriculum without going to school. The children were also doing a lot of recreational activities ranging from computer classes to martial arts classes, dancing and singing, art and just relaxing and watching cartoons and reading.


Everyone is happy when they can finally go back to school which will happen very soon, inshallah.



Peace Home Children

Just a few words about LEEDO’s Peace Home


LEEDO established and runs a home with full facilities where parentless and destitute street children can begin to lead more normal lives – this wonderful place is named PEACE HOME. It is the first permanent home specifically built for street kids and there is no discrimination between boys and girls, disabled or non-disabled. The children are supported here until they can be mainstreamed.

The children are provided with facilities such as food, education, clothes, healthcare, beds and many other things. LEEDO is trying to make their lives easier and happy. The children attend formal schools and are gradually creating new and better lives for themselves.

Currently 51 children live in the Peace Home, 29 boys and 22 girls, their age ranges from 4 to 17 years. About 20 children have some kind of special needs.

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