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Girls Street Child World Cup Football Tournament

Volunteer Team Coaches

Aim: To train and support a team of girls from the LEEDO Peace Home, based in Dhaka Bangladesh, taking part in the Street Child Football World Cup 2022.

Background Information

LEEDO is a registered Non-Government organisation in Bangladesh and has been working with children surviving on the streets of Dhaka since 2010. The organisation runs a programme of outreach and education on the streets, a transitional shelter where children who have been on the streets live whilst their long term options including rehabilitation with families or care at a residential centre are developed, and a long term Peace Home for children with no other alternatives.

In 2019 LEEDO sent a team of boys and girls from their Peace Home to take part in the street child cricket world cup in the UK and to raise the issues of concern to children surviving on the streets of Dhaka. They were supported in this project by UK based charities including Friends of Street Children Bangladesh and the Daneford Trust. The World Cup was organised by Street Child United, with 8 teams participating from Africa, South Asia, the West Indies and Europe.

LEEDO have now secured a place for a team of girls to take part in the Street Child Football World Cup, taking place in Doha, before the full World Cup, in 2022. A team of 10 girls aged 14-17 from the LEEDO Peace Home will participate. It is anticipated that the programme in Doha will be in March 2022 but the exact dates are to be confirmed.

The role of the volunteers

LEEDO are now seeking up to 4 volunteers to help with training and coaching the team prior to the Street Child Football World Cup. One of the volunteers will accompany the team to Doha for the 10-day World Cup event. In Doha they will help to supervise the team during the tournament organised by Street Child United. The volunteer who accompanies the team to Doha will have some responsibilities for the wellbeing of the girls during the tournament.
The volunteers will start working with the children from early 2021.

Tasks to be undertaken by volunteers

• To train the girls at LEEDO Peace Home to develop their understanding and skill in football
• To assist with team selection
• To run training sessions and team building sessions with the girls. This will include frequent face to face training sessions 8-12 weeks before the tournament and face to face and/or virtual training sessions from early 2021
• To arrange and supervise practice football games with other girls’ football teams in Dhaka
• To refer the girls to relevant background reading and training videos related to developing their footballing skills
• To support the preparation of the girls for participation in all aspects of the tournament. This should include some discussion about the other countries participating, preparation for speaking at events being organised during the tournament and preparation for the cultural and arts programme that will form part of the programme in Doha.
• To participate in other activities at LEEDO, as agreed with LEEDO’s management and based on the skills, interests, and potential time commitment of the volunteers e.g. activities with the children, help with marketing and publicity
• At all times to follow the LEEDO policy and procedures to keep children safe from harm.

The volunteer attending the tournament with the team in Doha will travel with the team at all times closely supervising the children whilst they are travelling to and from Doha and whilst they are staying in the city. They will follow the leaders’ guidance that will be provided by Street Child United. They will support the girls during the tournament, including their participation in all aspects of the programme (football games, cultural programme, media interviews and speaking events). They will support the girls through the highs and lows of winning and loosing games at an international tournament.

Skills and experience required

• A good knowledge of football
• Experience of playing in a girls’ football team on a competitive basis
• Experience of providing training- this could be football coaching but training in another sport or discipline where skills can be transferred will also be accepted
• Experience of taking responsibility in a group
• A basic understanding of the issues affecting street connected children
• A basic understanding of behaviours and procedures necessary to keep children safe from harm
• An interest in the use of football to promote gender equality and children’s rights
• A good understanding of resources available to support girls to develop their skills and knowledge in football and teamwork
• Ability to use the internet (e.g. skype/zoom) as an educational and training tool
Additional requirements for the volunteer accompanying the children to Doha:
• A good understanding of English (as this is the language that will be used during the tournament in Doha). A basic understanding of standard Bengali would be useful but is not a requirement.

• Some experience of international travel and the arrangements necessary for this will be helpful for the volunteer travelling with the team to Doha
• A basic understanding of what is required to be part of a team of leaders supporting children taking part in an international sporting tournament will be required for the volunteer accompanying the team to Doha,

Reporting and support arrangements

Volunteers will be accountable to a nominated member of staff at LEEDO. When travelling to and from Doha and during the tournament volunteers will be accountable to the Executive Director of LEEDO.
Support and advice will be provided to volunteers by the Chairperson of Friends of Street Children Bangladesh in the UK and the Founder of the Daneford Trust, an international volunteering organisation. This will be by zoom, whatsapp and email. There could be a face to face meeting for any volunteer based in the UK and willing to meet in London.

Accommodation in Dhaka and Doha

Volunteers based in Bangladesh should make their own arrangements for accommodation in Dhaka.
Volunteers from outside Bangladesh will stay at an airbnb or Guest House in Dhaka. In some circumstances it may will be possible to stay in dormitory accommodation at the Peace Home or in a shared flat in Dhaka subject to further discussions. Daily travel in Dhaka will be by uber car (or equivalent) or three wheeled CNG (mini taxi). Help and support will be provided with making these arrangements. Meals can be taken at LEEDO Peace Home or in the many local cafes/restaurants in Dhaka.

Accommodation and food in Doha will be arranged by the organisers of the tournament – Street Child United

Travel arrangements

Volunteers needing visas to travel to Dhaka should make their own arrangements to obtain a multi -entry visa. Help and support will be provided. They should also book their own flights – advice about this will be provided.
Visas and travel arrangements to and from Doha from Bangladesh will be arranged by LEEDO


All the costs involved in travel to and staying in Doha will be met by LEEDO/ Street Child United.
Costs involved in travel to and staying in Dhaka will be met by volunteers. Help with fundraising for and covering these costs will be provided by Daneford Trust and Friends of Street Children Bangladesh.


Insurance to cover time spent in Bangladesh should be arranged by the volunteer. Advice will be available.
LEEDO will arrange insurance for all members of the team and accompanying staff/volunteers for travel to and from and the event in Doha.


To express an interest in this role please send a cv and a supporting statement saying how you meet the skills and experience requirements outlined above to:
Please c.c.
Please give details of 2 people who can be approached for a reference. These should be people of responsibility in an organization that you have worked for as a volunteer or employee and/or teachers from a school or university you attended. If you have been a player in a recognized women’s or girl’s football team please give the coach/manager of the team as one of your references.
Please note that volunteers from the UK will require a clear DBS check before being accepted into this role. Volunteers from Bangladesh will require a letter/certificate from an officer from their home Upazila confirming they are suitable for work with children and have no criminal convictions.
If you are a volunteers from Bangladesh and have questions about this role or the arrangements please contact LEEDO at:
If you are a volunteer from the UK or another country and have questions about this role or the arrangements please initially contact

Thank you for your interest in this exciting project




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