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On this blog we share news about our work with the children the progress of LEEDO as an organization. You can read how the children from our Peace Home are developing and what challenges we face working with street children. We want to share our experiences with you because we are convinced that more people should know about the dangerous environment street connected children are living in. The more of us know, the more we can do together!

Everyday life during lockdown at the Peace Home

Due to the pandemic, the schools are still closed in Bangladesh. The months of the school lockdown have been a very challenging time. All the kids were at the Peace Home all day every day. Almost all of them missed going to school very much. They missed studying for...

The crucial role of the Transitional Shelters

LEEDO operates two Transitional Shelters which serve as the first point of rescue for the street children in need and offers shelter from the inhumane conditions of living on the streets. Those Transitional Shelters have become even more crucial during the pandemic,...

A new Bamboo Play Square for our Peace Home

Short Report on Bamboo Play Space On 3rd May, 2019 an opening ceremony of 2nd  Bamboo Playground “Asho Kheli” has been organized. Many guests joined this program at 4:00pm. It was an inclusive place for all. This is a very new way of making architecture, and thinking...

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